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Registered Student Organization's are a vibrant and important facet of the UConn community.  With the recent changes to the campus climate, this website has been developed to assist you in re-envisioning your traditional activities to support your efforts to stay connected with your club members, executive leaders, and importantly, all the new students coming to UConn.

When you first began your journey at UConn you were able to go out and interact with your floormates, classmates, and walk through massive Involvement Fairs to find new things to do, new ways to get involved, and to make new connections.  The incoming class was not able to interact quite the same way that you did, but you are still a paramount piece of their experience, and of your future membership.

The  SOLID Support Team is dedicated to helping you navigate the new world and the virtual world to ensure success in your recruiting and connection efforts, to enact your missions, and continue the traditional of an excellent campus life (even if its virtual for a little while).

Registering a New Organization

NOTE: We will not be processing New Organization Applications between May and July. Please email if you have any questions.

Intro to Starting a New RSO

Current RSO List | Tier System Review | New Org Checklist

Org Activities

Updating & Planning

With all Student Organization events being cancelled through the end of the semester, please consider the following:

•Update events previously listed on UConntact to Cancelled or change the location to Virtual if completing online

•Put your brain power together with your membership for ways to still meet and connect virtually

•If your group is more formal and you need to track attendance during this time, you can still utilize UConntact! Manual Attendance Tracking Video coming soon!

•Be creative and keep your community engaged! Plan Instagram Takeovers for your at-home workouts and practices; share the latest TikTok; continue to show your #UConn #HuskyPride at #UConnStudentActivities

Common Activities in a Virtual World

Common Activities in a Virtual World

Exec/Members Meeting - Almost every organization has regular meetings. Some groups get together to just hang out, to watch games, or netflix.  Other groups use this time to plan events, assign tasks, and get down to business.  Other groups use meeting times to study together and learn from each other.  All of these things can still happen in the virtual world.

University WebEx, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc.  You can still have face-to-face time, regularly scheduled with your membership.

Feeling some zoom fatigue?  We totally get it.  The trick is to be engaging in your topics, and invite your members into the conversation and planning.   You can always start with ice-breakers (this will be super important as you recruit new members!).  Share things about yourselves.  Run a live poll.ev to gather responses.  Talk about what excites you for Fall 2021.  Talk about challenges you’re all facing - to create a sense of belonging and community, and to make your virtual meetings more engaging.

Club Conditioning/Workouts - Several clubs have rigorous workouts and conditioning they do to stay in shape and compete.  You can still do this!  If you are on campus the Rec Center will be open (limited capacity, etc)  You can also run weekly workouts that your team can record on their phone and share with everyone, or do it all together virtually on screen!  Leading examples are all over instagram and tiktok of virtual workouts to keep in shape and keep building the team dynamics.

Performances - Practicing skills in prep of performances while socially distance may feel like a challenge, but it can still be done.  Engage your membership to run weekly/daily routines and report in to the group. We also see tons of professional groups performing together from their own homes on social media all the time.  It takes some coordination and video editing sometimes, but it is a great way to continue your performance.

Conference/Presentation Prep - Many student orgs participate in academic/activity based conferences throughout the year.  While most con’s have become Virtual, it is still important to practice using online programs before you present your projects (this is great for classes too).  Learn and practice settings on webex and zoom to mute participants, share screens, encourage questions, and look into your camera! The SOLID in-person workshops moved to a Virtual format this spring and will continue in the fall.  It can be done, and it can be done well!

Building/Design Activities - Collaboration among members can be a challenge in any activity where you are designing, creating, or engineering items and equipment for your club.  You will want to connect as often as you can. If someone has a question, do a phone call or have them video chat you from their phone to show you what’s going on. You don’t always have to be on a laptop 

Study Groups - Many RSOs have study groups.  Some group’s are created specifically for this purpose -- to advance your knowledge in your field, and others use study groups as a component to help ensure GPA achievement.  When planning virtual study groups you want to be very particular into the topic of each meeting and consider planning a study session right after a class.  This way you can get together and make sure everyone knows what was covered, and can ask questions together if you may have missed anything.

Guest Speakers - Having guest speakers from the business, medical, academic, performance, or fitness worlds (to name a few) has always been a big component of campus life at UConn.  You are still able to invite and book speakers to virtual meetings for both your own group, and as major events on campus open to other students.  If you are planning a major event, let us know at We are happy to share tips and tricks for running online events and can put you in touch with Conference Services at UConn for guidance to success.

Serving the Community - With several dozen student orgs committed to impacting and serving the local and regional community, Spring 2021 poses several challenges.  We recommend that leaders reach out to contacts at local shelters, hospitals, nursing homes, food pantries, schools, etc, BEFORE planning any activities. Each space may have a different set of needs and regulations this spring. If you are not able to physically attend, use your creativity to offer opportunities to connect with people in these spaces virtually!

Fitness & Health - Organization’s who are committed to promoting physical fitness and health will need to follow guidelines from regarding utilization of their spaces on campus.  During Stage I & II of reopening, no outdoor activities are permitted.  However, you absolutely can become your own insta and tiktok influencer as a club with takeovers to promote your activities!  Student Activities social media is always seeking orgs to highlight!Back to top

Ways to Communicate

With student organizations ranging from 8 to 300 members, you may need to consider a variety of communication methods.  They key methods are:

UConntact [Engage] Messaging – UConntact provided listserv directly from your email to your roster membership

UConn WebEx virtual meetings – University sponsored video chat system. If using WebEx, Export Roster on UConntact to collect/add emails for invitees

•Use the tech you know! If you already connect on groupme, duo, hangouts, facetime, etc, we encourage you to continue! To bring more members into the conversation, try the above!

Org Management

Current/Ongoing Agenda Items

Officer Transitions

1) Officer Transitions

With officer transitions well under way, SOLID wanted to provide several resources to help be sure that the new officers of your group have everything they need to get started and be successful.

Transitioning to a new officer role?  Start here!

Officer Transition Check-List and Guides

To Do List

1) List all officers on UConntact

2) Complete SOLID workshops

3) Plan meetings and events with your executive board and members to discuss Events & Activities utilizing the guidance found at

Running Elections

Complete Online Officer Elections Through UConntact!

Secure and Anonymous elections can be held right through your UConntact page! A how to guide can be found here and our staff are happy to help you set it up.

•Officer Transitions. What do you wish you had known before you took on your role? No, really. Think about this. What information can you pass-down to the next officers? Check out our officer transition tips here.

•Complete Annual Re-Registration. In early April the Annual Re-Registration will occur online. To complete you must list your Incoming Officers for Fall 2021. More information will follow via email.


SOLID Status/Workshops for New Officers

Officer Transitions

SOLID Workshops & Status:

Your SOLID status and officer completion is listed at > Status is updated daily during the academic year.

Fall 2021 Updates:

  • SOLID Hazing, Harming, Harassment Prevention, SOLID Policies & Procedures, and SOLID Inclusion & Belonging workshops are required for every officer.
  • Executive Leadership & Org Mission, Values, Culture Live/Webex workshops will continue in the fall.  You can find the upcoming schedule at

Fall Workshops Begin:  (virtual/live)

Unsure which workshops to take for your position?  Check out our guide at


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Staying Connected

SOLID Support Team

The Student Organization Advising Team is available to answer questions you may have. Please reach out via email to schedule calls or online meetings.

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