Every registered student organization (RSO) has a profile on UConntact where you can:

  • Manage your organization
  • Connect your social media accounts
  • Post news & events

To access your RSO's page, visit and log in with your NetID and password. Click My Shortcuts.

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Registered Student Organization (RSO) Websites

If you would like a UConn website for your organization, you may submit an account request after reviewing the following rules and standards. Websites for RSOs are built in Aurora, UConn's WordPress system.

RSO Web Standards

Registered student organizations must adhere to University web standards. They must also abide by the following RSO-specific standards.


  1. An organization's president must complete the web account request and go-live request forms. No other member is eligible to make these requests.
  2. Your president and advisor will be added to the website when it is created.
  3. The club's officers are responsible for developing and maintaining website content.


  1. RSO website URLs are created in the following format:


  1. Websites must be checked at least every 6 months for accurate information, broken links, etc.
  2. Each club is responsible for updating its website's users every year.
  3. If significant, substantive changes are made that deviate from what was approved when your site was launched, you must notify for review.

Appearance & Content

  1. Your site titles must match the following criteria. For more information about site titles, please review University web standards.
    For a tutorial on how to add a Level Two title, please fast forward to 5:36 in ITS' theme customization tutorial video.

    • Level One site title must match the name of your registered student organization.
    • Level Two site title must read: Registered Student Organization
  2. Your website must include the following pages, at a minimum:
    • About
    • Officers and/or Members
    • Contact
  3. The following information should be clearly presented on your site:
    • Mission, purpose, and/or overview of your organization. This should be reflected on both the homepage and About pages of your site.
    • Meeting or event details
    • How to join

Rights of the Department of Student Activities

The University of Connecticut provides student organizations with the opportunity to create their own websites. As a service to organizations, the University’s Department of Student Activities will make public the web address of a registered student organization provided that the organization is in good standing. However, the University is not responsible for the management or content of student organization web pages. The Department of Student Activities Involvement Office has the right to revoke an organization’s access to its web account if the organization fails to adhere to web account and/or other student organization policies and procedures contained or referred to in Blueprints: A manual for student organizations. In addition, The University reserves the right to terminate links to and/or publicizing student organization web pages, without advanced notice, for any reason.

Request a Website

To request a UConn website for your RSO, the club's president may submit an account request after all of the rules and standards above have been reviewed.
Web Account Request

Go-Live Request

When you have finished building your draft website and ensuring that it meets all University and RSO-specific web standards, your president can submit a go-live request for the site to be published.

Go-Live Request

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