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Registered Student Organization Websites

DID YOU KNOW… Your organization already has a website on UConntact? To access your page and connect it to your social media sites, post events on campus and manage your organization – simply login to with your NetID and click My Shortcuts!  There are over 10,000 UConn users on UConntact – so don’t delay in updating your page!

If you would however like to have an Aurora UConn website for your RSO, please complete the form below to request a webpage.

Please note the following:

  • Only your President is eligible to complete this form
  • Your website url will be in the following format: “”
  • Your President and Advisor will be connected to your page once it has been created
  • Your officers are responsible for developing website content using the WordPress Aurora system.
  • Each year you are responsible for updating your officers and user access to your page – You will be responsible for updating your user access list each year with new officers

Web Account Policies

Rights of the Department of Student Activities

The University of Connecticut provides student organizations with the opportunity to create their own websites. As a service to organizations, the University’s Department of Student Activities will make public the web address of a registered student organization provided that the organization is in good standing. However, the University is not responsible for the management or content of student organization web pages. The Department of Student Activities Involvement Office has the right to revoke an organization’s access to its web account if the organization fails to adhere to web account and/or other student organization policies and procedures contained or referred to in Blueprints: A manual for student organizations. In addition, The University reserves the right to terminate links to and/or publicizing student organization web pages, without advanced notice, for any reason.

Web Account Request Process

To request an account for your organization please complete the form below.

After the office receives the request via online form, the student organization will receive a UserID and Password. A temporary site will be created with a short name URL, indicating their club and that they are an RSO (i.e. If a group would like to request the “ABCclub” part of the URL, they may do so, but not all requests may be able to be met.

The student organization is then responsible for the design and maintenance of their website. Questions that pertain to requesting a Student Organization Web Account can be directed to the Involvement Office at

Web Account Request Form

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