UConntact How-Tos & FAQs

UConntact is the university-wide engagement website housing over 1000 involvement opportunities for you!

If you are a Registered Student Organization Leader, or a University Program Staff Member this page is for you!

UConntact How-Tos

Step 1:  Login to http://uconntact.uconn.edu with your NetID

Step 2:  Click your Name/Letter/Photo and click Membership History, then go to your Organization Site.


Step 4: Click the 3 Lines on the top left to open the manage menu

…To Update My Roster

  1. Click ROSTER
  2. Change Positions, Invite Members, etc!
  3. Need to update your Primary Contact?  You do this from the top of the manage roster page (not in the list)

… To Edit My Contact & Profile Information

  1. Click ABOUT and update all of the profile information for your RSO including Description, Summary, Contact info, linked accounts, profile photos, etc

… To Conduct an Election

…To Post Events To Campus

  1. Click EVENTS
  2. Click Create An Event
  3. Complete the information on the following screens


I am in an RSO and can’t find my group, what happened?

  • If you cannot find your registered student organization on the UConntact homepage, try logging in and viewing Membership History.  If you find your group then, your status is likely Frozen. You can see why on our SOLID Status PDF.
  • If you cannot find your memberships you may not be part of this group at this time.  Contact an officer for a new invite or solid@uconn.edu if you have any questions

I need to change the name of my group, how do I do that?

  • Registered Student Organizations are required to submit a Name Change Form and a new constitution with the new name. You can obtain these documents by emailing solid@uconn.edu
  • University Programs may contact solid@uconn.edu or Sarah Bernhard at sarah.bernhardt@uconn.edu for updates

I need help, what do I do?

  • Ask!  Please let us know how we can help at solid@uconn.edu, or stop by  SU 302!