Guide to Advertising on Campus – Student Edition

Do you have an event or meeting coming up and you want to get the word out? Get information about how to advertise on campus and find links to those opportunities!

 Bulletin Boards (Res Life)

Residence halls have bulletin boards and other designated spaces for posting event flyers. Create your flyer and be sure that it includes your student organization name, date and time of event and contact information. Posters must be approved by Res Life before printing so they can have an approval stamp on them. All applications and application materials must be completed and received at least fifteen (15) business days (Monday-Friday) prior to the event, so that applications can be reviewed.  Posters must be delivered to the Res Life Office in Holcomb Hall 10 business days prior to the event.

 Bulletin Boards (Student Union)

The bulletin boards are located throughout the Student Union. Create a poster or flyer and bring 2 copies of it to the Information Center. Posters can stay up for a maximum of two weeks or until your event has ended (whichever comes first). Be sure that your organization is registered with Student Activities and that your organization name is on your poster.


Chalking is permitted in general, but not permitted in any areas inaccessible to rain, or any vertical surface.

Spray chalk is not allowed. Snow paint and snow painting is not allowed.

The Daily Campus

The Daily Campus newspaper serves the UConn and Storrs Community. It has a print and online format. Refer to the Daily Campus Advertising Rates website to decide on the size, day and frequency your ad will run.

        • Cost: Varies according to size, color, online, or print
        • Contact: 860-486-3407
        • Web: The Daily Campus

Digital Screens Across Campus

UConn IT has 15 digital screens across campus that they can add marketing to.

    Dining Hall Advertising

    TV Screens
    Digital advertising can be run on Dining Hall TVs in all 8 dining halls. Ads should be designed as 1280px720px jpeg files.

    Posters in Foyers
    Reserve space to post posters by calling Dining for permission. Printed posters can be delivered to the Dining Services main office in Towers.

    Tabling in Dining Unit Foyers
    Reserve space to table by calling Dining for permission. For information about what is allowed and not allowed at tabling, please visit their webpage.

    Document Production

    Document Production is a print shop located on the Storrs campus. They can make copies, print flyers and print large scale posters for your organization for a fee.  Visit their website for pricing and to inquire about design options.

    Student Daily Digest

    The Student Daily Digest is delivered weekdays at 11 a.m. to undergraduate students at the Storrs and regional campuses. All submissions are screened by official Moderators. Offensive language and posts dealing with non-University content will be rejected.

    Glass Showcases (Student Union)

    There are 4 glass display cases along Union Street in the Student Union that can be reserved to advertise for your organization. They are large in size, so there are many possibilities when choosing your items to fill them. Reserve your showcase by contacting the Event Services Office. The showcases can be reserved for two weeks at a time. They are reserved on a first come first serve basis.


    UCTV is a student-run television station that broadcasts on "HUSKYvision" Channel 14 as a source of news, event coverage, and entertainment. You can contact them to create advertising for your organization.

    University Events Calendar

    The University Events calendar is a website that displays a calendar of all registered events on all UConn campuses. You simply go to the online form and fill in the information about your event. You will receive a confirmation e-mail letting you know if you event was accepted.

    WHUS Radio

    WHUS 91.7 is the local FM radio station at the University, and is also available streaming at They have a wide listener base spanning the Storrs Campus, Hartford Campus, and most of Connecticut. They run announcements during and between programs.