UConntact for University Programs

UConntact is not just for Student Organizations! University Programs and Departments are the fastest-growing part of UConntact. By setting up your program within the system, you are able to showcase your projects to the campus body, recruit new students, increase event attendance, and manage the many aspects of running successful programs.


Files & Forms. One of the most utilized benefits of UConntact within University Programs is migrating files and forms to the online format. Responses from surveys and uploads are conveniently collected and downloaded into pdf, print, and excel formats.

News Stories & Upcoming Events. Programs are also able to post News Stories and Upcoming Events to UConntact. With a streaming news ticker on UConntact’s Homepage, and our virtual flyer board, posting your new events is easy! Events are designated as Public, Campus-Only, or Organization-Only to give you the opportunity to utilize the system to fix your specific program’s needs. You can view our virtual flyer board here:http://uconntact.uconn.edu and at http://getinvolved.uconn.edu.

Social Media Connection. Other great features include the ability to stream Facebook and Twitter pages such as on the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life Page, as well as posting and sharing to over 300 additional sites. Pages are also able to be customized with fonts, colors, and editable headers which we provide support for such as on the 4 Arrows Challenge Course and Student Organization Support pages.

Membership. Programs now have the ability to be designated as “Open to Join” or “Invite Only”. By populating your Program’s page, you are able to setup students to administer your page, and give specific responsibilities and access to your students. You are also able to message members directly from UConntact!

Ready to Get Involved?

Simply Login to http://uconntact.uconn.edu with your NetID

>>Click Organizations

>>Click Register a New Organization and submit the information!

We provide support to all organizations and programs on UConntact in how to navigate and get the most out of your experience!

If you would like some more information first, please contact Program Coordinator Kristen Carr at Kristen.carr@uconn.edu or 486-6588.