Starting a New Student Organization

Registered Student Organization Program Information

Every student organization offers an opportunity for not only fun, but also a meaningful educational experience. With over 700 different student organizations on campus, there are many creative opportunities to help you get involved, develop your leadership skills, meet new people, and enhance your education. If you and your friends have an interest that is not met by an existing student organization, you can start a new student group!  We ask that you first take a look at the current listing of RSOs at you can keyword and category search the list.

Leading a new student organization is a great responsibility and great opportunity.  Every student organization, regardless of mission, purpose, or type is required to have a listing of officers, members, an advisor, and each officer is required to attend several in-person and online leadership development workshops called SOLIDs.  We recommend you review the requirements of the SOLID program at under SOLID Workshop Requirements box.

If you have any questions about your group, or how anything works in the meantime, please email staff at for assistance

What do I need to know before applying?

Who is eligible to start a registered student organization (RSO) at UConn? Any Full-Time UConn student from Storrs, Stamford, Waterbury, Hartford, or Avery Point may apply to register a student organization at their campus, as long as its purpose and goals are different from those that have already been established

Membership Minimum:  8 full time students from your primary campus.  51% total membership from your primary campus

How long does the new organization process take? After receiving your application an Involvement Ambassador from Storrs, or Staff from your Regional Campus will contact you to setup a New Organization meeting. At this meeting, we will review your application, direction of your organization, category, tier, and requirements to become an Active organization. If approved, your group will become Active once meeting all SOLID requirements for your Tier.


Leading a student organization is an exciting prospect, but you should be aware that UConn is a busy campus with over 700 clubs currently listed.  While many new organizations are extremely successful, there may be challenges to your proposal, particularly around practice spaces for dance/sports, and any group that may need very large spaces to hold activities.  Space requests are not guaranteed to any registered organization, however, we will try to work with you to meet your needs.

Additionally, RSOs have an opportunity to seek funding support from the Undergraduate Student Government or Graduate Student Senate, however, funding support is never guaranteed and several rules are in place which can be found at their respective websites.

Ready to Submit your Application?

Please note that you will need the following information ready to submit your application:
  1. Campus and Tier Information.   Review the Tier-System here. Groups are broken into Tiers. If your group is seeking to have events or needs funding, then you are considered a Tier-II.  Groups without events or funding, may be a Tier-I or Tier-II determined by the nature of the activities.
  2. Officer & RSO Advisor Information. including Name, NetID, Email Address, Advisor Phone, Department, Job Position
  3. Organization Name. This must be unique.  The words "University of Connecticut" are not permitted. Any name submitted with "UConn" or "The" as the first word will be registered as "CLUBNAME, UConn" or "CLUBNAME, The".  Please note this when deciding on your org name.
  4. Organization Summary and Description
  5. Category - you may only choose 1 category.  If you are uncertain, we will discuss this at your new org meeting
  6. Roster Information - you can invite your new members through this step. Invitations are automatically sent if your application is approved.


What Happens Next?

Once your New Org application is received it will be reviewed by staff. Staff will email the President and/or Submitted to set up a New Org Meeting.  Once the officers attend a new org meeting a determination will be made to Approve or Deny the application.  If Approved, the group will be listed as a registered Frozen RSO.  All groups must change their status from Frozen to Active by completing workshops before they are permitted to function on campus.

New Org Applications during open registration windows are typically processed within 2 business days.  Setting up a meeting and having all of your officers complete their requirements may take some time.