Starting a New Student Organization

So you want to create a student organization at UConn?!

Every student organization offers an opportunity for not only fun, but also a meaningful educational experience. With over 600 different student organizations on campus, there are many creative opportunities to help you get involved, develop your leadership skills, meet new people, and enhance your education. If you and your friends have an interest that is not met by an existing student organization, you can start a new student group!

Before requesting to begin a new organization, please visit UConntact to browse over 20 categories of Student Organizations to make sure a group with similar interests and goals does not already exist.

Click to visit the UConntact Organization Listing

Frequently Asked Questions Before Applying

Any Full-Time Storrs undergrad or graduate student in good standing with the University has the opportunity to start a new organization on campus, as long its purpose and goals are different from those that have already been established. For a comprehensive listing of currently established organizations please visit UConntact Student Organization Listing. Only Full-Time Storrs Students are eligible to be officers of any organization. Membership must be at least 51% UConn Storrs students but may be open to Non-UConn students and community members.
Registered Student Organizations at UConn-Storrs are divided in 3 distinct Tiers. Each Tier has its own officer/training requirements, and benefits. For Information on the Tier System at UConn please visit: Tier System Overview
The 20 registered student organization categories at UConn have been designed to assist students in finding involvement opportunities based on their interests. During your application, you will be asked to choose at category. Please note that every group can only be listed with 1 category. To review the RSOs that are currently in the different categories, please visit the UConntact organization listing here: UConntact Student Organization Listing
*Please note that Regional Campus RSOs are designated by their category and an additional campus category.
The term “University of Connecticut” is not permitted in RSO names.
If your RSO name contains “Student Chapter”, “UConn”, “The”, etc., your name will be listed as “ABC, Student Chapter/UConn/The” The University may also need to shorten your name if the one you choose is exceptionally long, however you will be required to provide your full and accurate name to access university services. Please be aware of this.We encourage students to choose RSO names that are unique, representative of what you do, concise, and helpful for those looking to get involved!If your RSO is directly tied to an outside organization you will need to provide proof of your association from the outside entity in order to use their naming/logos/associate with them/etc. This will be discussed at your New Org meeting.
All Registered Student Organizations must complete SOLID Officer training to become an Active RSO on campus. Based on your organization’s tier, your officers will be required to attend in person and online training sessions. Once completed, your organization will be an Active RSO on campus! For information regarding workshop requirements, please visit the SOLID Workshop Series
After receiving your application an Involvement Ambassador will contact you to setup a New Organization meeting. At this meeting, we will review your application, direction of your organization, category, Tier, and requirements to become an Active organization. If approved, your group will become Active once meeting all SOLID requirements for your Tier.

Information you need to apply

  • Organization Name
  • Category (you may only choose one)
  • Tier Designation
  • Officer Information including Name, NetID, Email Address
  • Advisor Information (per tier) including Name, Email Address, Phone, Department, Position Title
  • Organization Summary and Description

New Organization Registration will open again in August. Please note all Storrs RSO Registrations will be processed after September 6th.

For more information or if you have any questions, please email us directly at