Starting a New Student Organization

Every student organization offers an opportunity for not only fun, but also a meaningful educational experience. With over 600 different student organizations on campus, there are many creative opportunities to help you get involved, develop your leadership skills, meet new people, and enhance your education. If you and your friends have an interest that is not met by an existing student organization, you can start a new student group!

Before requesting to begin a new organization, please visit UConntact to browse over 20 categories of Student Organizations to make sure a group with similar interests and goals does not already exist. Click to visit the UConntact Organization Listing

What do I need to know before applying?

Who is eligible to start a registered student organization (RSO) at UConn? Any Full-Time UConn student from Storrs, Stamford, Waterbury, Hartford, or Avery Point may apply to register a student organization at their campus, as long as its purpose and goals are different from those that have already been established

Membership Minimum:  8 full time students from your primary campus.  51% total membership from your primary campus

How long does the new organization process take? After receiving your application an Involvement Ambassador from Storrs, or Staff from your Regional Campus will contact you to setup a New Organization meeting. At this meeting, we will review your application, direction of your organization, category, tier, and requirements to become an Active organization. If approved, your group will become Active once meeting all SOLID requirements for your Tier.

Info You Need To Submit an Application:

  1. Tier you are applying for
  2. Officer/RSO Advisor Information including Name, NetID, Email Address
  3. Organization Name
  4. Organization Summary and Description
  5. Category