Hello again and welcome to the 2017-2018 year at UConn! Throughout the year you will hear from us with important announcements, updates, deadlines, reminders, and opportunities for your RSO via email and monthly status messages!


SOLID CREDIT: Each summer all credit for Online Policies & Procedures and Online Hazing workshops is reset. This means that each officer must take the new workshops for the 2017-2018 academic year.  Good news, you can start doing that today on http://huskyct.uconn.edu – Student Org Leader Training – If you’re receiving this message, you’ve already been enrolled!  If you have a new officer (not listed below) that needs to enroll they can follow the instructions here: http://solid.uconn.edu/enroll-huskyCT

In-Person Workshops: Registration for In-Person SOLID workshops are available for registration on http://uconntact.uconn.edu and you can find the schedule on http://solid.uconn.edu/solid-workshop-schedule. If you have already completed In-person workshops for your position, you will not need to retake them.

STATUS:  To achieve an active status you must have listed all of your officers and completed all of your workshops and requirements.

*Tier-I RSOs must list a President and complete President workshops; *Tier-II must list all officers/advisor and complete all workshops listed below, and have a constitution on file; *Tier-III must list all officers/advisor and complete the online Policies and Hazing workshops.

STATUS and The Fair & Space Reservations: The deadline to achieve an Active status to maintain eligibility for the Involvement Fair and maintain any previously made reservations is 6:00pm on Thursday August 31st. If your RSO has not completed all requirements by this time you will lose your space in the fair and any reservations you had previously requested.

To help you transition into the 2017-2018 academic year, our office is hosting 16 SOLID workshops on Super SOLID Sunday – August 28th (they day before school).  We are also offering multiple workshops per day leading into the Involvement Fair & Reservations Deadline.  After that deadline, you will find multiple workshops per week are available!


If you have any questions please email us at dsaSOS@uconn.edu!